Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Reviews

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Dallas G.

Great place to learn, train and grow both as a person and on the mat. Family environment makes it very welcoming and a very great place to train. Jason and Susan do a great job I can’t say enough nice things about them. Give Sampson a shot you won’t regret it for a second.

Dallas G.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Emmer Daniel

Wrestling was my sport and I have tried my youngest in wrestling the last 3 seasons and he pretty much refused to do anything.  We started him at Sampson and he really works in class.  It is a combination of great coaches, especially Jason, coach to student ratio, and their class setup.  Jason really cares about the kids and they know it.  He immediately earns their respect and can bring out the best in them.  So happy I got my child started here.

Emmer Daniel

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Lemonte A.

I was in Dallas overnight and I’m extremely happy that I visited Sampson Jiu-Jitsu! The class was EXCELLENT, I came back with new techniques ๐Ÿ˜Š but the best part was the experience with the team.  They made me feel like family, this is the way the all treat each other.  Jason and his wife Susan were amazing!  Highly recommend this school.

Lemonte A.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Alexis C.

It is very rare to find a gym that is so welcoming and a coach that works so hard to train and inspire his students. Jason Sampson is by far one of the best coaches and mentors I have had. He constantly pushes and builds his students up and has a positive and uplifting attitude every single day. It doesn’t matter if you have never set foot in a gym or if you’re an experienced martial artist; coach Sampson always has something to teach you.

Alexis C.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Patrick S.

Dropped in for a Friday class today and had a great experience. Professor Sampson is super welcoming as well as all of his students.

Extremely clean and organized facility.

I would definitely recommend this school to anyone that’s looking for a JJ School, whether they’re just starting out or already have some time on the mat.

Patrick S.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Trace A.

Awesome gym, awesome coaches, awesome atmosphere to train. I don’t have enough great things to say about this place!

Trace A.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Logan G.

Jason is an awesome coach! Incredibly talented, motivated, and dedicated to teaching his students to do their absolute best. I felt very welcomed and comfortable starting as a new student and joining the close knit community at Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy. Susan Sampson is one of the most kind hearted woman I've ever met and does a fantastic job running the office and working to accommodate the students in any way she can! It's always a great lesson/workout and the highlight of my day going to class!

Logan G.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Stephen S.

I have been training Jiu Jitsu with Coach Sampson for almost 8 years. I travel for work and have the opportunity to train at various academies. I rarely find a school with the high level instruction and attention to detail I get from Coach Sampson. Whether you are a beginner or advanced Jiu Jitsu player. You will refine and elevate you game at Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy!

Stephen S.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Chris K.

Professor Sampson knows how to get after it! Him and his wife run great clean classes. I was Visiting Dallas for the day and had to stop by and get some training in. Everyone is very friendly and goal oriented. There whole purpose is to get everyone better in jiu jitsu and Striking. Would highly recommend their academy if you are moving here or visiting the Dallas Area! 

Come in with a positive mindset and get some training in! Thanks to the Sampson Family!

Chris K.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy James B.

I have know Jason for a long time.  His credentials speak for themselves. This is a world class training facility.  There is absolutely no place in the area that will compare!!

James B.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy John B.

This place is AWESOME!!! We had a couples self defense class and learned allot of real life solutions to bad situations.

John B.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Amy B.

Coach Jason and Susan Sampson have created a program that is second to none. Coach’s inspiring personal drive and deep caring for his students really does bring out the best in every single one. Every coach is fantastic, and my son’s confidence and self-motivation has grown so much in the few months he’s been going here. Add Susan’s warmth and hard work in the front office and it really does feel like another home to all of us.

Amy B.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Cathy I.

We are so grateful to have found Jason Sampson and Susan Sampson in the little local paper when they announced their Jiu Jitsu Academy.  We have been attending for about a year now and we are so thankful for Jason's and Mike's coaching and encouragement.  What an amazing place they have built together and it keeps getting better and better.  We are grateful for all that they do and for their dedication to their students!

Cathy I.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Brian M.

Yesterday one of my dreams came true...I was on the mat training with one of my boys. Blake has been training in Brazilian Jiujitsu for about 3 years now, and is doing awesome! Friday morning was my first BJJ class, and I loved it! I have been a martial artist for over 32 years. It felt so awesome (and humbling) to be a white belt again learning something new. Training with my son made it even more special...caught myself almost getting emotional as I worked with him. I am so proud to be his dad.
Thank you Jason for helping make my dream come true. You are an awesome coach, and making a huge impact on Blake's life. I am one very happy dad!

Brian M.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Google Reviewer

I was visiting from out of town, came for a drop in and was amazed at the level of both customer service and instruction. Would highly recommend to anyone, these are true martial artists in every sense of the word.

Google Reviewer

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Google Reviewer

Had to brag on Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy for giving my son such a wonderful experience with Jiujitsu ! I enrolled him in a few other martial arts class, but they did not meet my expectations. I wanted him to learn discipline, confidence and Coach Sampson has instilled this in my son! Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is not easy and there has been a few tears here and there because he truly had to put in hard work and effort every time he steps foot on the mat! I was so proud of him yesterday at his belt promotion because he worked his tail off and truly earned every stripe. If you are looking for a martial arts school that truly cares about making your child the best they can be, Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy is it!  #Trainlikeachampion #trainwithachampion #teamsampson 

One more brownie point about this Academy, his wife is the bomb dot com! Susan Sampson๐Ÿ˜ Love her whole positive vibe both husband and wife listens to any concerns you may have for your child and helps implement strategies to help them physically and mentally! #noonewillbullymyson

Google Reviewer

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Shiva B.

Words cannot describe the passion and heart that Jason puts into developing his student's life skills and their martial arts!!

Shiva B.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Becky A.

Ever since May this gym has been my second home. My boyfriend brought me to Sampson’s with the simple idea of teaching me self defense. Little did I know, 5 months later I would be winning my first ever gold medal in my first Jiu jitsu tournament. Jason is the most passionate coach you will ever find. The second i walked in, I was greeted with open arms and huge smiles. Susan does an excellent job running the office. She is more than willing to work with your specific needs. You very much can tell that their students are their number one priority and I could not be more grateful. The students and team really have become my family. They are there for me in the good days and bad. Any day I go to Sampson’s, is a good day.

Becky A.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Zana N.

I had an amazing time visiting and training at the academy! Coach Jason is top notch and breaks down each technique and explains how all drills apply to real live grappling. The students are very kind and welcoming and make you feel right at home and instantly part of the team! Loved the training atmosphere. Coach Jason is very detailed and focuses on what's important...Drills drills drills! Practice makes perfect right? He is very supportive and makes sure he makes time to focus on each and everyone of his students during their time in class performing the warm up drills, the technique drills, and during live rolling. I had a incredible time visiting the academy, training with the strong based students, and would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a great place to train and getting your money's worth!

Zana N.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Justin F.

Sampson is amazing. Teaches everyone cares about everyone and always has a smile on his face and is excited to teach.

Justin F.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy James B.

I cant say enough about Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy. Jasons ability to connect with his students and break down each movement into the smallest details,makes learning fun and easy.Whether you are a hobbyist or have aspirations of becoming a World Champion,I know Jason Sampson can help you achieve your goals

James B.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Ryno

Jason Samson is the most attentive coach I've ever had! Spends one on one time with each of his students and actually cares about their well being and progression. He's more committed to you than you are! Everyone has such a great attitude and also a great family atmosphere...also very clean!
One of a kind!


Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Nick R.

I have done martial arts for about 20 years and have known the head professor, Jason Sampson for most of those years. Jason is an incredible athlete that offers a lot of talent and knowledge to share on the mats. The new facility has plenty of space and great for the entire family to join together. If you are nearby, then it is a must to go check this place out!

Nick R.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Mike D.

We have been too many Jiu Jitsu Studios and Sampson is definitely one of the best. My son is 8 years old and has been in Jiu-Jitsu for 3 years we have been at Sampson Academy for the last 3 months and we have improved more in the last 3 months then we have in the last 3 years.
Discipline, Technique, and Respect.

Mike D.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy KB K.

Blown away at how this coach has intrigued my daughter. She's a beginner, she is on 2 days into training and can't wait for the next session. After being surrounded by various sports with my older two children, I think my daughter has found her passion. I look forward to her building strength, skill, respect and most of all building her self confidence. An amazing coach & highly recommend.


Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Google Reviewer

We love Sampson JiuJitsu!  My kids started a few months ago and I have nothing but positive things to say.  It takes special people to coach and lead little kids but Coach Jason is very motivating.

Google Reviewer

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Dena H.

I highly recommend Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy both as a parent and as a professional counselor/youth advocate. 
Our son started training at Sampson Jiu Jitsu 14 months ago. We first attended to support and help cultivate his interest in the learning the sport. Quickly we realized that Coach Sampson was doing more than building skill, he was partnered with us in building character in our son. 
When you sit and observe a class, you will hear Coach Sampson and Coach Mike say things like "we make each other better" "we are a team" "believe in yourself" "don't give up" "train like a champion". All are phrases that sound good when you observe one class. 
When you attend for several weeks, you will recognize that the phrases are not just words...they are the true core practices of training at Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy.
The students in my son's class are not just kids that he knows from jiu jitsu, they are his teammates and have become friends and family.
Though the students may be dressed similarly in rashguards or gi, they are all distinct individuals with very different personality styles. Some are reserved, some are tenacious and outgoing, others are naturally shy and timid. ALL of them train together, encourage one another. Each has individual areas to enhance (both in technique and personality). Coach Sampson has an amazing ability to recognize what each student needs individually and uses the team approach to truly "make each other better". 
I love going to Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy as a parent. You are always greeted and feel welcomed by Susan Sampson and you rarely will leave without Coach Sampson making his rounds to let you know he's happy to see you. 
The other parents are just as hospitable, it's awesome to watch our children train together and to see how far they have progressed individually and as a team.
Our 13 year old daughter is ready to join in the fun too! I know firsthand as a counselor how difficult middle school years are for today's youth. I am so thankful that my daughter desires to surround herself with such a positive social and peer influence.
Finally, I highly recommend Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy as a professional working with youth, for all the reasons that I take my own children there, and more. Coach Sampson and Susan are 100% genuine and real people. I had the opportunity to invite them to speak with some of the young men who I was providing school based services for. 
I worked with some of them for 3 years, at the end of their visit with Coach and Susan Sampson, with tears in my eyes I looked at my colleague and said "this was the by far the most impactful intervention I have had with these boys". When teenaged boys let down their defensive guard and truly connect with someone they have never met within one group discussion over lunch....that speaks to me of the calling Coach Samson genuinely connect with people and help build them up.

Money can buy skills teaching and training, but it cannot buy the genuine care, connection, and community that are found when you are a part of Team Sampson.

Dena H.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Lee I.

We have been with Sampson Jiu-jitsu for over a year. Our son has developed a lot of  confidence and skill with coach Jason and coach Mike. The whole team is wonderful.

Lee I.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Curtis F.

Since day one of training with Jason Sampson and his wife Susan, they make you feel like family. He truly enjoys teaching people of all levels and takes great pride in all his students. It's a great opportunity to learn from Coach Sampson and to increase your knowledge of Jiu Jitsu.

Curtis F.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Jose R.

My son has been training with Jason for about 3 years now. I couldn't ask for a more passionate, driven, caring coach. Seeing my son grow and learn under Jason is what finally got me to start training as well. If you're a beginner or you've been training for years, you should definitely check out the gym. You won't find a more welcoming and warm family to join. I do mean family, because that's what we are at this gym, family.

Jose R.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Jason G.

Always a great lesson and workout with Coach Sampson. Clean gym and well laid out facility that is inviting and functional.

Jason G.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Connor W.

Jason is an awesome coach and is very knowledgeable in mixed martial arts and Brazilian jiu jitsu. I have trained on and off throughout the years and I have never met a coach quite like Jason. Jason always has a positive attitude for his students and knows how to get them working hard. He shows how much he cares by putting in extensive detail into his coaching and his relationship with his students. Jason knows how get everyone motivated to better themselves and to continue to grow in mixed martial arts and everyday life. Training at Sampson jiu jitsu has been a blast and provides positive growth for everyone at all levels of martial arts. Thank you Jason !

Connor W.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Hotan M.

Coach Sampson is a great instructor. I recommend his academy to anyone wanting to learn BJJ!

Hotan M.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Dustyn S.

So i have been training with Jason since the summer of 2015 and i have never met a instructor quite like him his ability to break things down to the simplest form  so everyone in the classroom will understand he's great with kids and adults a very compassionate ,kind and a  very understanding man who goes out out of his way to make you feel right at home if your looking for a great gym and a great family  environment  this is definitely the place to be!

Dustyn S.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Max G.

There is no other facility I would recommend anyone to for wrestling or Jiu jitsu besides the Sampson Jiu jitsu academy. Jason is far and away the best martial arts instructor I've had throughout my time. A great learning atmosphere for people of all ages and a great way to get into shape!

Max G.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Ryan B.

Jason Samson is the most attentive coach I've ever had! Spends one on one time with each of his students and actually cares about their well being and progression. He's more committed to you than you are! Everyone has such a great attitude and also a great family atmosphere...also very clean!

Ryan B.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Chance H.

I was in need of a temporary home to train while away from my regular gym. Jason and his wife Susan welcomed me with open arms and i felt at home immediately. Jason has a tough love style to his teaching, and i think it produces great results. His students are some of the toughest ive ever rolled with, while still being incredibly humble and focused. If youre looking to supercharge your BJJ journey, I'd recommend sampson jiu jitsu any day.

Chance H.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Jeff R.

Our daughter has been attending for 2 months and we are extremely pleased with Jason and his staff.  The group setting still allows for a lot of individual attention each session. She has learned a lot in a short amount of time. 

Jeff R.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Thomas S.

Jason is by far the best in the business

Thomas S.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Lizabeth S.

I wanted to start bjj and was overwhelmed on starting. The head instructor, Jason, made me feel so comfortable and did an awesome job on teaching me the basics , but keeping me in the loop with everyone during practices. The gym has such a welcoming feeling and is very clean! Would definitely recommend this gym for anyone (especially girls!)

Lizabeth S.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Steph W.

Jason and Susan are incredibly dedicated, motivated, and determined. They genuinely care about their students and have an incredible devotion to BJJ. They strive for the best and it is evident in the manner in which they run Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy.

Steph W.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Jesse G.

Took my son for the 6 o'clock junior Champs class he enjoys training with Jason plus jason is great with the kids . Highly recommended

Jesse G.

Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy Wayne W.

Can't wait to see what Jason does with this opportunity! #hwpo

Wayne W.

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