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Professor Jason Sampson

Head Instructor

"Jiu-jitsu saved my life" is something that you will hear Jason Sampson say if you hang around him long enough, and he means it. Two other sayings you’ll often hear is "hard work pays off" and "believe in yourself and you will succeed."

These are the principles that Jason adheres to in his own life and the principles upon which SAMPSON JIU JITSU ACADEMY is based. Jason was a tough kid growing up in a bad part of town in a troubled home and was known as a trouble maker most of his life. This all changed when he began wrestling at the age of 12. He took to the sport easily which kept him out of trouble and led to him becoming an All-American on the wrestling team at the Apprentice School in Newport News, VA. A freak accident led to a wrestling opponent being paralyzed and resulted in Jason and his college wrestling team being dragged into a big lawsuit. During this time, Jason was in major turmoil as he had wrestling taken away from him and he once again found himself around the wrong people which led to major drug use and more than one overdose. The lawsuit was eventually dismissed as Jason had acted 100% within wrestling rules, but the damage had been done and Jason had lost all hope. It was after the lawsuit was dropped that Jason found his passion for jiu-jitsu and what led to his passion for MMA. Jason began his jiu-jitsu career in Oklahoma City under Rafael Lovato Jr. and where he won the prestigious Pan American Championship in 2006.

Jason returned to Texas in 2008 as a purple belt where he started his coaching career at Mohler MMA and Jiu-Jitsu and where he received his black belt in 2013 under Allen Mohler (by way of Romero Jacare Cavalcanti). Fighting and jiu-jitsu single-handedly saved his life as they became his new addiction and one that caught on very quickly, pulling him away from the negative influences and back onto the grappling mat. Jason became 100% drug free and began his MMA journey in 2009, going undefeated in his first eight professional bouts with all but one coming by way of a submission or TKO finish. Five years later the jiu-jitsu black belt and MMA fighter has amassed a professional record of 14-1 and is ready for the next big step into the big leagues. Jason brings with him a huge heart and passion with him to anything he is involved with However, his special passion in life is working with kids and helping them achieve their goals. Having grown up in a troubled home himself, he is able to connect and relate to the kids he trains in a special way, in a manner that is tough on them while still providing a positive and nurturing learning environment. The children he trains can often be seen at jiu-jitsu tournaments amassing various medals and swords, winning high school wrestling district championships, or standing up to bullies, all utilizing the special skills and confidence he has instilled in them.


09/2016 Dallas International Open IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship-  Black Belt Master 1 Male Feather- Bronze
10/2016 Charlotte International Open IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship-  Black Belt Master 1 Male Feather- Silver
2011 Dallas International Open IBJJF Champsionship Brown Belt Adult Featherweight- Silver
2006 Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championship Blue Belt Adult Male Featherweight Champ

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