Picture it! You finally went out on a limb and bought that brand-new bamboo Lucky Gi. Or maybe you refreshed your browser 17 times and finally got through to order the latest Shoyoroll. You wear your new gi to class, feeling like a million bucks! And because you feel so good, you train like you’re on fire! Then you go home, wash and dry your gi, take it out of the dryer and GULP!!! It looks a little different, a little… smaller. You put it on and OH NO! Your gi top won’t close over your stomach and you can barely get your pants over your hips!

Unfortunately, this scenario has happened to us too many times. There’s nothing worse than shelling out your hard-earned dough and ending up with a gi that doesn’t fit or worse yet, is full of holes from washing it with bleach. Don’t despair! Follow these rules to keep your gis clean and smelling fresh!

1. Wash in Cold Water Only! The only exception to this rule is if your gi is slightly large and needs to be shrunk up. Otherwise, cold water is the way go to!

2. NEVER USE BLEACH! This will weaken the fabric and leave you with holy clothes!

3. Add a cup of distilled white vinegar to the wash to get rid of odors! Safe for gis, rash guards and all your other training gear. Add some baking soda in there if you’re really feeling it- but not too much!

<4>4. Hang dry only! We recommend using over the door coat racks to hang your gis up to dry, or space permitting, buy a clothes rack and hang ‘em up!


5. Wash your gi after every use- Yes, EVERY use! Don’t be the smelly guy in class! You can wash your belt too, but don’t dry it!

6. Don’t leave your gi sitting in your car in a disgusting, smelly heap for long periods out of time! Try to get it out of there as soon as you get home.

Follow these steps to keep your gis and training gear clean and smelling fresh!

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